A View of Whoop-Up Bridge from South Lethbridge

Rendered by Kim Hansen <omnimbus>

Using Pov-Ray 3.5 Ray Tracing Software

CS3710, Professor S. Wismath, Spring Semester 2003

Well, first off, if you are reading this text, I pity you.  Seriously.  Either you are:

a)  In my current CS3710 class, and desperately trying to figure out the "Snowman from Hell" project.

b)  In a future CS3710 class, and desperately trying to figure out what to do for your Pov-Ray project.

c)  My professor/marker and desperately trying to figure out whether or not you should post this irreverent clap-trap on a university sponsored website (PS- the answer is "yes").

d)  After having browsed the web for the last three hours wearing nothing but a pair of mismatched socks and a slightly vacuous expression, you have against all odds stumbled onto this backwater little page and decided to take a look.  In which case, you are probably just plain desperate.

In any event, I put a really insane amount of time into this sucker (seriously!  Take a look at the source code!  Do you have any idea how long it takes to place 11 sets of streetlights using trial-and-error translation?), so you'd better the heck appreciate it.  Besides the obvious translations, rotations, and scaling, I also employed such techniques as specialty lighting, atmospheric fog, spline-shaping, hand-made textures and colors, CSG-formed objects, bump-mapping, etc, etc, etc.  Oh yes, and a wee small bit of levels-adjusting in Photoshop for more pleasing visuals (hey, if you want to spend three hours playing around with texture pigments and lighting levels, be my guest).

So there you have it- my |\/|364 1337 Pov-Ray project.  Enjoy :D

This is the source code.  Click me!!