Sebastian Hanlon's CPSC3710-200301 POVray project

This is a partial rendition of the Penny Coffee House, located downtown Lethbridge at 4th Avenue and 5th Street South. Unfortunately, due to design time constraints and rendering time, I was forced to compromise on some design elements (the kitchen, some substructures, wall decorations) and some texturing elements (glass and transparency). However, I think the result is still quite good. I've produced two high-res renders for submission: one is a long shot down the cafe, the second is a closer shot of the back roaster bar and bulk coffee sales area. Click on either of the thumbnails to zoom in.

(source pov files and such)

Technical Details:

Modelling was done in Moray/Win32 and some stock textures were taken or adapted from the Moray texture library. Much thanks to Penny staff for putting up with me while I modelled objects and settings for hours on end. Rendering was done with POVray v3.5 on Win32 (my Celeron 433 laptop).