DESIGN: Giant T-Rex

LOCATION: Drumheller, Alberta

RENDERING: Garrett Horvath, 001050296



DESCRIPTION: I chose the giant Tyranosaurous (sp?) Rex that is on display in Drumheller. You can actually pay money to climb up the dinosaur and have your picture taken inside the things mouth. I choose this model because I knew it would be both challenging and fun.

The torso and limbs are mostly made out of blobbed spheres and cylinders. The skin textures is one I stumbled onto by accident while playing with some stuff. The claws and underbelly are actually the "Cork texture. The head was really the part that took the most time. I did this by contructing a wire frame out of cylinders with radius of 0.1, and then filling in the frame with blobbed cylinders. Last updated 9:20 pm Feb 13
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