PovRay Project

By: Harry Oliver Jones

CS 3710 Spring Semester 2003 UofL


For this project i selected to render the LDS Temple in Cardston Alberta Canada

The Temple was finished in 1923 and is a major Alberta Landmark.It was built by the early Latter Day Saint(Mormon) pioneers and was the first temple built outside the United States.

How I did it:

I used PovRay in Windows 98 to generate this picture.

Most of the image was accomplished by box commands to make the main building, wall and other shapes. I used the normal option in texture to generate the bumpiness to give the walls a more stone like look. I used a prism with a conic sweep to generate the top part of the roof. And a simple shphere for the croning piece. The grass was generated with the plane command and then the normal to giv texture to it. The sky was generated using the Sky Sphere and the predefined Blue_Sky3 Pigment.


I began with the main building and wall with no texture.

As I progressed I begain to experiment with various textures and pigments to attempt to get the "brick" look.

I decided that just a simple normal command to add a good solid texture was better. In this picture I also finished the Prism using the conic sweep method to gain th pyimid on top.

Add a sky and change the view and Youre done(sounds easy doesn't it).