Computer Science 3710 - PovRay Project
Kirby Millar 001067351


I chose to develop a PovRay image of Uhall. I began by first using a series of boxes to create the numerouse layers that were needed to replicate the multiple levels of the building. Each of the "stone" layers was given a stone texture to re-create the sandy finish of the building. Each level of windows was created using a blue pigmentation and a glass material. The lower support beams that shape the opening at the base of the structure were created by combining cones and boxes. Perched on the roof of the building are simple cylinders that represent the numerous exhaust stacks that can be seen on the roof of Uhall. These were given a polished crome texture.

The sky was created by using two hollow planes that give the effect of clouds. A color map was used to create different shades in the night sky. Turbulence and octave were used in the plane to give the desired effect along with the omega and lambda parameter controls. All of these steps came together to create a partially cloud covered sky.

For the ground, I also chose to use a plane that was given a greenish-yellow pigmentation and scaled bumps were used to create a grass-like effect. Simple spheres were used to create mounds and hills both in front and behind the building.

The most important detail in this scene is the lighting. To achieve the final result, I used five different sources of light. The main source comes from a half-power white light that mimics the moon. Two spotlights were used to highlight the front of Uhall and two spotlights were also used in the opening at the base of the building to show the details of the structure. Small silver boxes were used to simulate the light fixtures highlighting the front of the building. Finally, an ambient light global setting was used to create a bluish tone to the overall image.

I also decided to modify my existing scene to create the same image during the day. The only changes that were made were to the lighting effects and some of the pigmentations were changed slightly.