POVRay Project: Calgary Tower
by: Angela Mlynarski

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Seen here is a rendering of the Calgary Tower created with POVRay. I had a lot of fun creating this project... it proved to be both challenging and entertaining. As you will notice, the scene is based on a nighttime scene of the Calgary Tower with glass skyscrapers added to enhance the scene. The first image is that of the complete Calgary Tower scene as rendered by POVRay, the second image is that of a close-up view of the Calgary Towers observatory, the third image is the actual jpeg image that inspired this project creation. I created the Calgary Tower by using a combination of merging and differencing of cylinders, cones, toruses, and spheres. The tower itself has a slight bow in the middle. To re-create this effect, I started by merging a larger cone at the base with a cylinder in the middle. I then merged these two with a smaller cone at the top of the tower. The observatory tower proved to be challenging in creating the curvature shown in the underside portion. I incorporated image maps to create the texture on the red level of the observatory deck. To re-create the appearance of light emitted within the window levels, I created a window finish that used a combination of ambience, diffusion, brilliance, and reflection. This effect can be better seen in the second jpeg image. A multitude of light sources created the effect of city lights lighting up the glass skyscrapers. I built image maps to create the window texture of the skyscrapers.