Welcome to my project.

What you see here is a 3d rendered picture of the grain elevator in Castor, made for a graphics course project. We had to design a landmark from southern Alberta with Povray, and since everyone in previous classes had chosen the train bridge in lethbridge, some part of the University of Lethbridge, or something else very obvious, I figured it would be nice to do something else.
So, since the grain elevators are one of the very seldom pieces of unique culture in Alberta, and the shape of the thing is doable, I searched the web for a nice picture to use and worked it out.
As you can see I have made some changes to the model, there was a lot of junk in the picture, and disorganized objects are very hard to reproduce in 3d, so I left them out for my convenience and the general appearance of the image. To make up for the lost matter, I decided to include some trees and moved the smaller building that was partly behind the elevator somewhat to the right where it can be seen.

Since the goal of the project was to teach yourself Povray, I wanted to use as many features as I could in the picture; for example the use of boxes, rotations, cilinders, cones, spheres etc. and using text, textures and lighting effects to enhance the 3d effect.



3D Grain elevator in Castor

The original picture used for the project...