This Southern Alberta landmark is just outside of the Brooks area on highway 36. The view I chose is heading in a southbound direction. I drew it from memory as well as a picture from the internet. I used POVRay to create this image. This drawing is composed of several cylinders, boxes, planes, and torus objects. I started with the chuckwagon first. The chuckwagon itself consists of a cylinder for the canopy, and a box for the base. The text objects were then placed onto the canopy. The wheels consist of a multiple number of torus objects which I placed in order to give a ball-bearing effect. As well, the wheel spokes were created by the cylinders and rotated and translated into place. The seat is composed of a cylinder which mimics the spring on which the box (seat) is located. The singletree (the part that connects the wagon to the horses) is also a number of cylinders. The sky sphere utilizes a sky texture found in the file. The fence was created using cylinders with a wood texture. The hay bales were also created with the use of cylinders and a hay texture.



Copyright: Coreen Parsons

CPSC 3710

February 12, 2003