"Southern Alberta"
By Dimitri Reizvikh

Rough DraftFinal Draft

This is my vision of southern Alberta. There isn't much to see but the plains. Mountains (Height Fields) stand out in the background. The most common sight in Southern Alberta are the hay bales that are numerous in the fields. The Bales were created using cylinders with a color map pigmented to give it a more life like texture. I used a loop, to draw several small luminous spheres to repsresnt stars.The setting sun is drawn with a sphere and a red reflective color as the pigment. I placed the light far away so it gives a gloom look to the image. There was fog added for the effect of a storm that is coming on, hence the ripples in the small pond. The tall grass was created using the reeds macro. I minipulated the size of the different batches in order to show the background of the scene. This image took a long time to create, simply because i was unfamiliar with POVRay. After the first couple of tutorials i was able to pick it up.

POVRay Documentation (Very Helpful)
Very Good Tutorial