Kyle Schmidt

CPSC 3710

This is the front of the LINC building at the University of Lethbridge, it was done using 3D Studio MAX 5. This took quite a lot of time to complete. There is a lot of very small detail which is hard to see.

All of the windows are reflective, but it is not easily noticable in the final render. Except for a few windows in the middle. Here are some examples to show the reflective propery of the windows:

The above also shows the text, which took a long time to complete. The text tool in 3DS MAX 5 does not fill in text, so I had to do it manually cube by cube. Using a split torus for the curved parts ("U", "R", "B", "G").

Some of the walls have a curved surface above the windows which took a great deal of time, which one cannot really see in the final render. You also cannot see the detail in the window frame, there are small pieces that still out slightly at the corners Here are some examples of what the curves and frames actually look like:

The door handles also took a great deal of time, but they do not show well in the final render. Here is a closer look at them (also showing the reflective propery of the windows again):