DESIGN: Vulcan Starship FX6-1995-A

LOCATION: Vulcan, Alberta

RENDERING: Paul Shervey, 001050258



DESCRIPTION: I chose the Vulcan starship because it is a recognizable shape that anyone, familiar with Star Trek or not, would recognize. I also think it is interesting that it is such a symbol to the town of Vulcan. The shapes I made were primarily prisms, unions involving linear sweep prisms, spheres, and tori. The plaques on the base have writing on them which commemorates the ship's design and dedication to the people of Vulcan. You can find their pictures here.

I borrowed an idea from my friend Garrett for the sky. I incorperated a large sphere and scaled it much larger than the camera I was looking through. When I gave the sphere a texture, that material also showed on the inside, which was where my camera was. The result was to give the sky a normal, rounded look more like that of the real atmosphere.

In truth, I was dissapointed to see that the picture looked quite simple when at last I was happy with it. I tried to add in some more complex elements such as colored panels on the engines, the circular base and walking path around the monument and even the shading over the circular centre piece; all this in some attempt to have the viewer realize that it took longer to create the image than it looks.