Mid Noon In Alberta                                           

My povray File

Grasslands of Alberta impressed me as in India these type of grasslands are hard to find.and misty climate of Alberta is fascinating. thts why i named my project to be A midnoon in Alberta as a tribute to its beauty.

It took some me time, to get accustomed to Povray.but finally after lot of tinkering around i made it work. to make this scenary(well its sort of)i made objects in following order:

bullet Sun
bullet Sky
bullet fog
bullet ground
bullet wheat bails                                                                   
bullet Watch tower

Construction Sequence

bullet for Sun i used simple light _source command
bullet for sky i made a hollow sky-blue colored plane gave it bozo turbulance
bullet i used "fog " to create fog at horizon
bullet then there was another plane which made up green colored ground, for my picture.
bullet wheat bails are cylinders with "bump" surface and cork texture
bullet tower is made of 2 cones, 1 cylinder and 1 box. it also has been endowed with various texture

Thats it !
it may look simple but it ate my many weekends. But in the end when i look at it i think it was worth it. and its worth taking comp graphic course with Prof.Wismath.