Welcome to my POVRay Project Presentation

This Project was for Computer Science 3710 at the University of Lethbridge.

This is best viewed at greater than 800 by 600.

The picture I created is of the Lethbridge water tower. Building the watertower was a lot of fun. I would have to say the hardest parts were the stairs which required a helix, and the wires which required a transformation matrix to calculate the destination points.

I have tried to make the water tower look as close to the original tower as possible:

Note: The sky, grass, moon, clouds and fog, are a template from an add-in menu from http://www.f-lohmueller.de/ and their download page http://www.f-lohmueller.de/pov_tut/down/insert_a.htm.

The following are pictures of the water tower at different 'camera' and 'look at' angles:

Despite the stairs being in a shadow, you can see that they are little rectangles that curve around the centre support pillar. Creating and understanding the helix took some effert to do. Understanding the loop was wasy enough, but thinking three dimensional on loop was interesting.

Even though it seems like the wires are all chaotically placed, they are ordered. It's a drawing of two wires at one start point, then copied five more times by rotating them around the vertrical axis by 60 degrees to a full circle.

The one on the left shows the uniformity of the tank and the roof cone. The one the right shows the tower at a distance with the moon in view.