Some people may find the following picture disturbing. The ugliness is due to the fact that the programmer is hopelessly lack of artistic ability...

The picture in .jpg format

Here is the .tga format, if you are picky about the quality.

The picture in .tga format

Here is the original picture. And just in case you couldn't tell from the one I drew, it is the Great Wall of China

The original Picture

First use the difference of two boxes to create a Triangle like object, as the main part of a hill. Then merge it with one cylinder, two sphere and two cone to make it a smooth hill. The texture/pigment was stolen from other people's code with modification to the color.
The Wall is a merge/difference of numerous boxes.
The sky is stolen from some other people's code with change to the color

Here is where you can find the code, if you chose to look at it

The PovRay Cod