Bryce3D 5 teapot source file

Bryce3D 5 lethbridge source file

Both images were created using Corel's Bryce3D version 5.

The first image is the lethbridge "teapot." The lethbridge teapot was created using with a cylinder, a large vertically stretched torus and a second cylinder. The 3 objects were grouped together and the first cylinder was given a positive matter type and the other objects were given negative matter types. When grouped together, the negative object disappears leaving the remaining positive object. What is left is an object that is roughly the shape of the original lethbridge teapot. A high resolution digital photo was taken of the teapot to be used as a texture for the teapot. The image was trimmed into a texture in Photoshop and then applied to the object using Bryce's material setting for the object.

The second image is the southern Alberta landmark with the teapot placed somewhere in the scene. The "coulee" was created with a displacement map terrain using the terrain editor. Volumetric water was created and put in the bottom of the coulee to make the river. The bridge was created using stretched cubes and grouped together. A modified computer generated metal texture was used. The teapot was was placed in the distance partly hidden by the volumetric fog in the scene.

The most difficult part of these images was creating the bridge. Bryce 3D is primarily designed for terrains, so it's strength in this area makes it difficult to create objects like bridges. This is mostly because of the camera angles. It may become easier with practice, but for me, that was the most difficult part.