Computer Science 3710 - By Mike Bosch
Teapot - I constructed the teapot from the union of two cones. To make the top of the teapot appear hollow I did the difference of another cone (same shape just scaled down) that fit inside the top to hollow it out. The gold bands where the hardest part and took me forever. After I finished I realized a better way to do the bands but it's too late to do that now. I was also going to add texture to imitate the leaves but I definatly didn't have enough time to do that. Phong was then added to the teapot to give it a reflective property.
        The table texture also was finished with phong to make it shiny and a wave was added to the texture to make the shadows appear to blur.

Land Mark : Lethbridge Wind Gauge - I made the main shape of the wind gauge by using a main sphere object and useing the difference of 3 other spheres. Two boxes were used to trim the front and bottom of the sphere to make it the correct shape. The chain was constructed by using a combination of torus and cyliner objects. An individual link in the chain was made and repeated to construct the entire chain. The teapots were then added at the end to the background.