For my project, I chose to do the Cardston Temple. Above are pictures of the project from 2 different angles. I did my complete image in povray, which took a lot of work. The part that I found most challenging was that I had to create a shape for every piece of the temple. So, in other words, I drew a lot of boxes in code. I drew them and then translated and rotated them to the correct place. I did a lot of trial and error placing of the blocks. The temple is really a white-grey colour, even though in these pictures it appears to be orange. The reason is that I used an orange light source to try to give it the sunset effect. I also gave it a glass floor just for fun. The teapot is pretty self explanitory. I used two cones, gave them a colour map of black and gold, and clipped the top cone. Dew to a lack of time, I didn't get the fine detail into the teapot.