POVRay Project

For this project I used Moray for Windows Version 3.5. I tried to use POVRay but I found it was too difficult to type code and think in a 3D mode. I also had to learn way too many commands to make things do what I wanted them to do. When I stared using Moray it came much easier mostly because of the graphich user interface.

Lethbridge Teapot
The toughest part of this project was definatly getting used to a new language and new application. For the teapot I started with the base and assigned a material to it and a color. I then stretched it so that is was the right shape. The top of the teapot was a much harder thing to create. I used a cone and set it on top of the base and then turned it to a mesh object so I could manipulate the edges and the top. I then had to assign the top to a group and then add a material to the group this is the only way I could get the object to render properly. To make the rings down the base I used the Disk object and the torus object I assigned a solid gold material to these and shrink them so that they fit around the base. Then for the texture of the gold leaf I used a cone and a material called dendrite which is see through and I then made it gold and shrunk the cone so tht it would also fit around the base.
The hardest part about makeing the teapot was deffinatly getting the top right. I still havent got it right but the more i played with it the worse it got so i decided to stop messing around with it.

Southern Alberta Landmark
The landmark I chose was the water tower. I didn't use the new one that they are turning into a retaurant or what ever. I chose the old basic one. This was a great object to create, it uses basic shapes without much transformation to them. The hard part about this was implementing the teapot into the picture. I could have just shruk it down but I thought that was too easy. I think it turned out pretty good even though the background looks pretty plane but thats alberta for you "you can stand on your house and watch a dog run away for three days". I don't like the material that Moray provides to use as a sky but I didn't have time to create my own sky material. Another difficult part that was tough to get used to was using the infinite plane to create the ground and the sky. I couldn't get them lined up right but I am pretty satisfied with them now. I used a Rounded disk for the main part of the top of the tower and to get the round top I used a sphere and manipulated it so it had that rounded look. I am very impressed with Moray and I am glad that I used it becuase it would have taken twice as long to use POVRay.

Trent Burton