Tyler Fedun's CS3710 Project

The two images on my website were done using 3D studio Max 6. I choose to use this program since 3Ds Max 6 is an industry standard tool for creating 3D graphics/objects. Any experience gained using it would benefit me far better then using something such as povray. Although the objects created in this project we not overly difficult to construct the hardest part of the project was learning the tools and being comfortable with them.

The first image is a stand alone of the teapot on a concrete block. I used two cones to create the object. The top part was achieved using NURBS to manipulate the objects vertices. The bottom part was done in the same fashion. There were two main challenges creating the teapot. The first was making the top and bottom parts look although they were one object. The second part was the texturing. I used a sample from the images of the Lethbridge teapot for this texture. The sampling was done with Photoshop.

The second image, I incorporated my teapot into the sculpture found in front of the UofL library. I added two spot lights to this image, as well as a brick wall back ground. The hardest part of creating this image was getting all the textures for the sculpture.