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Lethbridge Teapot/Southern Alberta Scene

This project was done partly using 3D studio Max and partly using Povray.   The teapot was done first using Moray/POVRay and then recreated and imported into 3D Studio max to fulfill the requirements of the project.

In total about 20 hours were put into the project.  Many of which had to do with working to create the various objects and the perspective of the scene.

The teapot was done using cones, and plane slicing.  I converted the objects into edible mesh and nurbs then moulded them to the shape shown here.  Once this was completed I added the object material or wrapper that gives it the texture.  This sounds simple enough here but in reality took more time and effort than expected.

Each element of the project was modeled separately then saved as a 3DS object.  This allowed for easier manipulation of the scene and portability of my creations.  Some of the pieces ie the Car, and leaves were generated by 3DS however the complete tree and all other portions of the image were created by me.  I used downloadable textures from either discreet or ones that came preloaded for the scenes.  The tables were created solely by me and once completed were cloned into the other two.

Part of the reason I did this project in 3D studio is that the package is widely used in Industry and since I either had to learn POVRAY that language or 3DSM the application I figured it only made logical sense to do it in 3DSM.

The tool is very robust and outside of the project time I did about 6 hours of basic 3D Studio tutorials.   It is a very powerful tool and with the right plugins the possibilities are endless.

Top 3 Things that made this Project frustrating

1 - Learning to thing in a complete World Mode ie Atmosphere, clouds etc.

2 - Lighting / Shadowing

3 - Learning how to use editable mesh/nurbs

Essentially once I learned how to edit the objects by point, surface, edge etc. I was able to really move forward in the project.

Total time to Render final Henderson Lake scene with Atmosphere and Effects

    45 minutes (mostly because of the dynamic cloud / fog effects)