Time To Render: 0:32:17

Render Resolution: 1024x768 (I trimmed the edges after rendering).

(On an 800 MHz Athalon Processor with 192 Mb RAM.)

The shape of the teapot was created with a cone for the body, and a lathe with a quadratic spline for the top. A difference between this shape and a box at an angle created the angled mouth. This shape was differrenced with a slightly narrowed version of itself to create a hollow teapot. The texture of the outside of the teapot is a gradiant pigment sweeping from very dark red to moderately bright red. Subtle bumps were added to the texture to give it a more realistic feel. The concentric circles lining the teapot are themselves the same teapot object with a brass texture I defined myself, with many boxes used for the difference to produce the gaps between the circles. Finally, the texture of the inside of the teapot is black bumps that have been stretched a lot in one direction while squished in another direction to give it a scraped look.

The teapot scene was rendered with three planes, two for the walls and one for the floor. I used a predefined wood texture and added reflection myself. There are two light sources, one which is far off to the right of the "camera", and projects the shadow on the wall. The other one is found behind the teapot itself to give it illumination. Focal blur was used to give the edges a slightly fuzzy look. The focus of the camera is about two-thirds up the teapot. Finally, to give the lighting a more realistic look, radiosity was used. The only post-processing I did was to cut out the piece of the picture I wanted to use, as I didn't want the entire picture.


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