CPSC 3710 - Project
Cory Hall

This assignment was competed using Moray, an interactive shareware wireframe modeller.

I found this project to be very difficult at the beginning because I had to learn the software and how it worked.
The Lethbridge teapot was quit difficult initially because I couldn't get the sliced off top like I wanted. It was also very difficult to make it to the measurements specified in the assignment layout, I used a bit of trigonometry to calculate the diameter at the top of the teapot. I ended up grouping the top piece (a cone) with an infinite plane, that I created at the correct angle, and by doing an intersection of the two objects I cut off the top of the cone. It also took a while to learn how to use the camera and the light to create a pleasing render, I simply played with this a lot to get a nice picture.
The landmark I created was the 'Buffalo Slope' elevator in Magrath, Alberta. The most difficult task I had was building the cement wall on the side of the elevator, because there was several angles and several pieces. The next most difficult task was the rounded roof pieces, for both I ended up using several smaller pieces and merging them together. My elevator is made up of a lot of small pieces and objects. Another problem I had was creating a logo for the front of the elevator, I made it from several small pieces as well. All in all the assignment was a good learning experience, but I would like to learn more about manipulating wire frames and textures.

lethbridge teapot


elevator & teapot