Justin Hallett's Pov-ray Project

Title: The "Grasshopper Pump"

I used Moray to create these images.

The first image that I created is the Lethbridge Teapot. This image took a while to create. First I created the basic shape out of cones and a cylinder, in the proper dimensions, which took a while to figure out. Then I used cones with a diameter slightly bigger than the pot to create the images on the side of the teapot. To get the leaf like images I just used a pre-made pattern and switched the color to match.

Rendered Image of Teapot:

The second image is just a picture of a "grasshopper pump" which can be found spotting southern Alberta country side. I created it using mostly cubes, poly cubes, cylinders and a cone. I just assigned different colors to make all the parts stick out from each other. Then I created a fence around it with all cylinders, including the wire going around it. The road in the background is created using a stretched cube, same with the lines on the road. The bales were all created out of cubes then I used the texture editor to try to get them to look like bales. The grass was a little harder to create. It took a long time to get what i did for the grass in material editor. Then the sky is just a plane with the sky color on it. Finialy I replaced one of the fence posts with the teapot that I created.

Rendered Image of Landscape:

The main problems that I had with this program was getting the colors to work out right. It was very time consuming and took a lot of trail and error to get the colors right. Other than that, it took a while to figure out how to manipulate the shapes, but after a little while it became easy.