Chris Johansson's Povray Project

Title: The Alberta Highway

Designed in: Moray



The good old southern Alberta drive on the highway. I started with two planes, one in which was the ground using grass texture and the sky using a blue sky texture that I both modified to suit the atmosphere. I used a bezier patch to create the road with a texture called pierre that gave it the road effect. Then small patches were used to create yellow lines in the road. The hay bails were created using cylinders with a basic light brown colour. Two cubes were used to create the sign with text to display Calgary. Last but not least the teapot was inserted and kind of gave it an effect of a grain mill.


The Teapot was created using three cones and one cylinder. The top cone was converted to mesh so I could edit the points and give it some type of teapot effect. For the texture of the teapot I used a special effect texture to make it somewhat look like the original. I added two planes, a brown base and a clouded sky.


I had where mainly learning Moray which took some hours and not enough time to develop the actual image. Positioning of the camera took a while to figure out in such that it would look ok. Finding good textures is very time consuming when going through them all to pick the right one. Also I had trouble creating the top part of the teapot to give it an ok effect. Credits go out to a picture I found on the internet which can be viewed at from there I just added the hay bails and the sign because we all know we want to get out of Lethbridge.

Rendered Image of Landscape:

Rendered Image of Teapot: