For the Lethbridge teapot, I used mostly cones, the base is a cone with some yellow cones in it to try and mimick the golden rings around the actual teapot. The head was made from a scaled sphere which was clipped using a plane. A stone texture was applied to the main body of the teapot to give it the color it has.

This is a picture of the cardston temple viewed from an angle to the side. The temple itself mostly conists of boxes with a stone texture applied to them. Windows of the temple being yet more boxes, black colored, layered over the other boxes. There was also a couple other shapes such as a cylinder and cone for the peak of the temple at the top. The grassy field is a plane with a bump value applied to give it the uneven look. The sky is just one of the predefined Sky Spheres. Light sources are mostly applied up high on y axis and over a bit on the x-axis to give it the "sunny morning" look to it.