Computer Science 3710 - Computer Graphics

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For this project we were given the task of creating two ray-traced images using POVRay or similar program (3DSMax,etc.) The images to be created were a Southern Alberta landmark, and a "teapot" possesed by the prof.


For my project, I choose the model of the "Enterprise" of "Star Trek" fame located in Vulcan, AB.

To make my model, I started by creating the saucer section, and then picked a scale based on it's size in "units" relative to actual measurements of a picture I had of it. I continued creating and connecting the various main parts of the ship based on my scale and the sections I had already created. Once the main skeleton of the ship was finished, I added various details, many of which, unfortunately, can only be seen when looking at the right angle. When I was satisfied with the ship, I created the environment (sky, ground) it would be displayed in, and then made the stand with plaques.

Lastly, I created the teapot that the prof. had stipulated we make, and put it into the picture.



Here is a front/angle view of the ship. I chose this angle because I believe it shows the most detail on the ship possible.

Here is a shot showing off the "teapot".

Another angle.

Here is a cool "cinematic" camera angle.

The "teapot" by itself - pretty crappy huh?