Povray Project


by: Chris Kitajew


This is my image of the Lethbridge Teapot that I made using Povray 3.5 in a Windows98 environment. Each ring of the teapot is a cone. I used about forty cones of various sizes to produce this effect. The top of the teapot is a cone that is clipped by a plane.

 The most difficult part was keeping track of the different radii and sizes of the cones that would eventually resemble the teapot. And also figuring out the best plane to clip the top of the cone.



The Southern Alberta Landmark that I chose to replicate is the the Lethbridge train Bridge. I used a program called Leveller that helped make the landscape, which is fairly easy to use to because of the tutorials.  I then exported it to Povray to add the the bridge, water, and train. The bridge is made with cylinders as the supports and a box for the track. The most difficult was making a landscape that looked real, and creating the bridge supports. Future enhancements to the scene would be to add some vegetation to the hills and maybe some rocks around the river.