Travis Lomness and 3D studio max.
I created the following two images using 3D Studio Max. 3D Studio max is not only the most widely used tool in animation, but is also a very useful business tool. Since i am a newbie to 3D studio max and animation, I found this program hard to learn and navigate throughout. This is definitely a tool that requires some background knowledge of animation.
Image of the cone and a local landmark.
The objects in this image were all basic 3D studio max objects that i modified to get the look that you see. The Sky was created using a sphere concept with a complex texture. The water is a simple plane object and a texture added to it. The ball and chain is part of the Lethbridge wind ball. I would have created all of it, but time became a problem. I also created the sculpture that is in front of the universities library. This was basic Boxes, Toruses, and cylinders. I put the teapot inside the torus objects, Thought that this looked cool. I also added lighting objects to this image, to get the photorealistic feel.
Image of the Lethbridge teapot.
The Lethbridge teapot image was created using 2 basic cone objects. For the top part of the I cut a plane across the cone to get the desired look of the Lethbridge teapot. I also then curved the top of the teapot out to get the rounded look. To get the desired look I had to also change some of the rendering options, this took along time to figure out. I put this object on a checker bottom plane and added spot lights to the image.