3710 - POV-Ray Assignment 

For this assignment, I chose to replicate the Galt Museum, here in Lethbridge.
I chose this landmark because it is a relatively simple design, using mostly boxes, and also because it is uncommon and unlikely that anyone else would choose the same one.


Original Image:


My Rendition:
My Half-Assed Attempt At PovRay

This image was rather easy to create, and is probably not as detailed as I could have made it, but due to time constraints (and extreme procrastination), I did not include some of the smaller details of the building, or surrounding area. 
To the right is a yellow version of my "Lethbridge Teapot".  Again, I did not go into full detail texturing the teapot, but instead left the base shape a yellow pigment.

The museum itself is one large box, with another box within it that is clear, dissecting it to create a hollow look through the windows.
The windows themselves are just boxes as well, with smaller glass textures within them.

I left the original camera on the X=0, Y=1, Z=-10 Plane, so that everything would be easier to build and imagine straight out from the origin.
The building itself centers on the X and Y axis, and is moved out on the Z axis closer to the camera.  My final camera angle was moved slightly to the right of the original, and lowered to cause an upwards view towards the building and sky.

Beyond that, this is a pretty straight forward picture...

Here's The Teapot Itself:
Tastes Like Burning...

I just put a red plane under this, and moved the camera to an overhead view... Nothing special here.
I used a simple box and the difference command to chop off the angled section of the last cone at the top.

-Jarret Luft