Layne Nadeau

Globex Corp.

Computer Science 3710 Project #1

The infamous Lethbridge Teapot in it’s natural habitat, high atop a water tower/restaurant

Building in 3D Studio Max by Discreet

All the work for this project was done in 3D Studio Max and Photoshop was used to cut some textures.


I created the Lethbridge Teapot using 2 cones, one with the top cut off and one upside down with a slice plane modifier.  Once the slice plane removed the top portion of the cone, setting the “force 2 sided” option when rendering gave the desired 2 sided effect.


The Lethbridge water tower restaurant was modeled after a picture taken from the web.  It consists of several cylinders for legs, an oil can shape for the tank and various other rectangles and cylinders as parts.  The stairs, railings and trees were features built into 3D Studio. 


The hardest part of building the tower included finding ways to line up the objects to create the desired effects.  The lighting was also very difficult to manipulate and left me in the dark from time to time.  Eventually I decided on spot lighting as the global lighting I was using was making rendering take upwards of 20 minutes on a 3.2 GHz P4 with 2GB of RAM. 


Assistance was provided by Mr. Travis Lomness who helped by enlightening me to some techniques for the texturing phase of this project.

Frontal view of the water tower.  Shown with 4 spotlights

Down the left side of the tower. 

Modeling picture.  It’s actually an artists rendering of what the restaurant might look like.  Thus, the real ‘finished’ restaurant is slightly different.  I also left out the advertising because quite frankly, it’s really ugly.