This project was rather difficult to complete. The more difficult of the two pictures to create was most definitely the teapot. At first I thought I should try two connected cones, however this just didn't look quite right. The connection point was just to angular. I then decided to try a quadratic spline lathe to "spin" out the right shape. The outcome was close enough that after removing some excess and doing some touch-up's in a grapics editor it was as close as I could get it .

Drawing the Carseland storefront was quite a bit easier to lay out but in the end took a lot more time to program. The basic shapes were simple, mostly boxes and planes. Even incorporating the teapot wasn't that much of a challenge, (if you look closely, it's the trunk of the tree :-) ) The most difficult part was actualy programing all the box's and surfaces. In the end as you can see below only minor tweeking in a n image editor was needed.