February 12, 2004

Project Finished
   Submittion of Project for Computer Science 3710. Included one rendered copy of the Lethbridge Teapot and Two Different view of Vulcans Enterprise Replica.

Dallas Thomas

Submitted to: Dr. Steven Wismath Computer Science 3710


I used Alias Wavefront's Maya for all both portions of my Project.

For the Lethbridge Teapot, I used the CV curve tool in Maya to first sketch one side of the teapot and then using the revolve tool I was able to create a wire frame model. All that was left was scaling of a few vertices to make the lip of the Teapot and the texturing of the model. For this I used photoshop to crop a picture of the teapot and used this cropping as a wrap around for the final texturing of the Teapot.

For the main portion of the project I finally decided to model the replica Starship Enterprise located in Vulcan, Alberta. The ship took a lot longer than I expected to model. I can honestly say there were a lot of polygons used in the final model. The model is based on three different picture of the starship I found online, giving me views from all sides of the model.

Once modelled I used a number of different textures to add color and detail to the model - however I did leave out some of the decals, as I was not able to figure out the 2D painting in Maya with the time I had. My background is and environmental background offered with Maya. The clouds I modelled myself, with help of a very large tutorial I got online.

The hardest part in regards to building each of the scenes was texturing. I had a horrible time trying to incorporate layerd textures and then once I figured that out, trying to make the textures look not plasticy. I would also have to say, the clouds I modelled for the picture of the starship were not all that easy themselves.

There is a lot that can be said about Maya and there are a lot of really interesting features. It is however a very large program and quite difficult to master in three days.

Computer Science 3710 - Project

Dallas Thomas - 001075278


Lethbridge Teapot

View #1 - Side shot.







Lethbridge Teapot

View #2 - From above









View #1 - Side Shot









View #2 - Shot from Behind