CS 3710 - Computer Graphics
  Name: Mike Tulis      
  I have created the building model using Moray and Povray. Overall it was quite a pain to create all the objects and x, y, z coordinate grid and it required lots of patience and playing around. The building consists of south wing, east wing, and main tower with the dome on the top of the clock tower. Each level has 12 windows. Some are sqare, others rounded on top. The hardest part was the arch that is CSG object converted to mesh. This part gave me the biggest headache because it would not render properly. I was told that rendering using Povray looks much nicer. This opened a whole new can of worms since the colours, lighting, light sources, totally changed the look of the final object.  
  Attempt to create a 3D model of the Lethbridge post office.   North-West corner of the post office building. Picture taken in January 2004.  
West side of the building.
  Some recomendations or comments about this project would be to spend much more with colours and lighting. The attempt to use texture for the surface of the building did not work out and it looks quite pain. If I was more familiar with the software I would also change the look of few details that would make the over all feel much better. But quite contrary I am pleased with the outcome since I never done anything in 3D software before.