CS 3710 POVRay Project

Spring 2004

Corey Van Tighem

For my project I decided to create the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton. I made the entire building out of polygons instead of boxes, so that I could have the light coming out of the windows without making all the boxes hollow. I think it ended up actually being more work getting all the polygons the right shape and size. I made the ground with the intersection of a sphere and a box, and added bumps to try to make it look a little more realistic. The ground at the bottom of the picture is just a torus with the same texture as the hill. The mountains were a height field using one of the images that came with POVRay, and their texture was just the granite pigment with a little turbulence. The moon was also done with the granite pigmnent and the stars were a texture that came with the program. The water was just a small amount of waves and a little reflection. The fog was hard to get right, it took a lot of manipulating before I was satisfied, changing the color, height, and fading. I was going to add trees around the hill, but I couldn't get them to work, so I just left them out. The big rock at the base of the hill didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but the picture looked better with it than without, so I left it in.

An image of the hotel from a different angle is here.

The Lethbridge Teapot was pretty easy to make, I just put some cones and cylinders together, and used the granite, bozo, and planar pigments to make it look similar to the real thing. I put it on water because I thought it looked cool, and added three spotlights pointing at it. There is also a copy of the teapot in the ballroom of the hotel.