Blake Wirachowsky

CPSC 3710 - POVRay Project

I used POVRay 3.5 for Windows to create all of these images. Enjoy!!

This is my first image consisting of just the Lethbridge Teapot. After figuring out how I was going to do it, the modelling was fairly easy. I used a lathe object and cut off the top with a slanted box. The difficult part was the textures. I first had to come up with the correct texture map to display the bands in the right places. It also took me forever to come up with a texture that would look like the leaves on the real thing. And making the finish took quite some time too. Everything else, which would be the table and wall, was fairly basic.


This is the scene that I created with the teapot in it. If you don't recognize it, it is a small portion of the Calgary skyline. I was working from an image that was about 150x150 pixels (pretty small!!) so the textures won't ever look right to me. Modelling was easier here because of the practice I had in the previous image and the fact that most of the buildings here are combinations of boxes. The tower was made from a lathe again with a texture map applied to it, the same way as I did the teapot. The background is just a plane that is about 5000 units back so that no shadows from the buildings would appear where there shouldn't be any.


Just in case you were wondering what the original looks like, here it is. I only used a fraction of this image for my modelling.