Lethbidge's "Wind Gauge" & Lethbridge Teapot

This is my version of Lethbidge's "Wind Gauge" & Lethbridge Teapot. The image is created with POV-Ray 3.5 for windows.Teapot object is created with two cones which has been interesected with a non-textured box. I used almost all of the basic shapes available, including Box, Cone, Sphere and Torus. The most complicated object as you can see in the following image is the chain. I used POV-Ray help to figure out how to create an object which looks like a chain. I placed about 5 different light sources in various locations but the picture still looks a little bit dark. If you look at the horizon, you'll see that fog has seprated the plane and sky sphere.Without the fog, it wouldn't look natural.

Wind Gauge