The Graduation Statue of Uof L


This is my version of University of Lethbridge “Graduation Statue”, ray-traced with 3-D studio max. I inspired by the image of Jon Wilsdon of Spring 2002 batch. See the image below:



I used most of the basic shapes that are available, including Box, tube and cylinder. First I make the base and the stand of the statue with cylinder shape. And then I made the chair by using several box of different width and height . I used the tube for the ring shape that are holding the stand. Since I am a new comer in 3-D studio max, I feel it’s hard to do every step of my project. The first difficulty I faced is to align all the object together. It just take a lot of time to align and colored them. Since I saw this statue once a time in summer , so it was hard for me to remember the actual color of it, but at least I I could remember that it was iron colored , so I try my best to give it a iron color. Then I made the plane and give it a hilly shape by using polygon mode and give it a grass texture by using bitmap. The sky is made by gradient environment from material. This also takes a lot of time, since I wasn’t getting the appropriate environment for the sky, so I took decision to do it using gradient. Then I made the gradient by using three different color. Finally I used the camera to add a far view and the spot light to look like a shining sun. The following image have created by me:



Though I have completed this picture, but I still feel there are lots of lack in my image. I haven’t able to give the proper color to my image so it’s looking too dark and unclear. And the rings of the image didn’t get the proper round shape. But, I tried my best with my little knowledge to draw the real image.