Jiroj Amaralikit

February 15, 2005

I am using 3D Studio Max version 7.0 for making this project, and this software require quite a bit of memory from the graphic card while you are creating the complicated scene. This software is what you see is what you get type. The most time consuming part of this project is rendering the final image. This scene took me approximately 6-7 hours to render the final image and it is not that complicated. What I think is because of the trees. I noticed while rendering the top part of the image went fairly fast, ntil it hit the top of the tree then it got really slow.

The computer that I was using has 128MB of video card, 1GB of RAM, CPU speed is 1.6GHz, and run on Window XP Pro. I think it would be a lot faster if I were to use a MAC machine on campus.

In this scene to make the main building structure I used an cylinder object then I sphearized it with some other value setting. To make the main building structure I clone the building and made it smaller and then I put it inside the bigger one then I use the boolean operation to subtract the smaller one out of the two now we left with just the wall of the building, and I think that was the trickiest part because if the smaller one is not lie up then all of the wall will not be the same thickness.

Then I cut out each window with a Boolean operation with a box which will make a hole on the wall. To make the window I used a box and then set the object texture to make it tinted and transparent, then I clone each of the window and put it in each of the hole that I have made earlier. Trees I just pull them out from the pre-defined object that was included in the 3D Studio Max library. I had to do the tree last because it comsume a lot of memory even when I hide the object it still very choppy.