Simulation: Psyanka (Ukrainian Easter egg), Vegreville, Alberta

Simulated by Sha0-Tsung Chang

l          Project instruction:

   Use POV-Ray Version 3.6 to simulate a picture.  There are three main objects in the image, an Easter egg and two streetlights. In the image, I use seven primary objects to represent the picture, light source, plane, egg, sky, egg supporter and two streetlights.


l          What I learn from this project:

    Make a perfect egg shape:

1)       A perfect egg shape is hard to draw because it is symmetric at Y-axis but is nonsymmetrical at X-axis.


2)       If I use “union” to combine two spheres, no matter how to scale the image there is a scare in the middle of the object and hard to eliminate.


3)       I use “bold” to replace with the “union” and set up variables “threshold” value to 0.4, then carefully scale the spheres respectively to get a beautiful egg shape.


4)       Next, I take special texture “Peel” to represent egg’s pattern.


5)      Finally, add light source reflect function to make the object more realistic.



   Now, here is my final result image.



l          What I don’t know how to do:

1)       I don’t know how to create egg’s pattern as same as the picture.  Therefore, I use special texture “Peel” to instead of.

2)       I don’t know how to use “#declare” objects.  Therefore, I create the “#declare” objects separately and call them respectively.

3)       I don’t know why the streetlight has no shadow.