Liepch Colleries
  By Randa Cook
The building itself is the old entrance of a Mine and is called Liepch colleries and is located a bit outside of Crowsnest Pass on highway three.

The first challenge was getting the camera and building at the right angle so it looked something like the picture and I could actually create what it looked like.
Once I got the building where I wanted it the hardest part began.
I had a GREAT deal of difficulty initially trying to get the windows and doors to look right.
Lining them up with the outside of the building proved to be MUCH more complicated than I thought.
Once I managed to get the first door on correctly I could do the rest by comparison but the first one was brutal because the
position of the camera and angle of the building resulted in me having to GUESS for hours about
where the building was in the coordinate system and figure out why I couldn't see my door! 
The answer of course was because it was inside the building.
The other difficulty I had was not being able to find a circle instead of a sphere.
This resulted in me having to make the arch of each doorway with a sphere.
The challenge was avoiding un-necessary shadows while getting the proportion correct with the door and the sphere.
As a result of my hard work and attempt to perfect the use of sphere I am very proud of the arches and how nicely they worked out.
The lighting requirements to actually see the whole building clearly forced me to make the back triangle a really dark brown
in order for it to not be seen as bright white and actually be the correct color to blend with the building.

The brick pattern I used I found on

Created in Povray

The real life picture