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         Welcome, below is my project for computer science 3710. I used 3D Studio Max (trial version) to do this project. The assigned theme was  to be “southern alberta” and rather than doing a specific landmark I attempted to create some objects that I found to be related to Alberta. Having never used 3D studio max, I wanted to explore the different ways I could utilize the program to create a picture. Although I did not model a specific picture I took parts from the different images and memory to create different objects. I also found help from many online tutorials trying different things and combining the things I had learned from them.


         3d Studio max is large program with a large amount of functionality. Even with the time I spent using the program there is still a lot for me to learn. Objects were made with geometry standard and extended primitives, shape splines and NURBS as well as some compound objects. I experimented and used many modifiers including ; bend, noise, squeeze, skew, stretch, twist, deform, taper, smooth, edit poly, edit mesh, Tessellate, UVW map and many others that I cant remember right now. When it came to the material I used some bitmaps that I had created in Adobe Photoshop along with some included in 3d studio max.

         I spent a lot of time on the grass combining things I read from different tutorials and I think that it is quite good. The wild rose turned out pretty well as far as the petals and center but I used different methods for the leaves and I think they are a bit lacking. I made the ground surface uneven so there was some effort in aligning  all the objects to appear on top of the surface. Overall the image is a bit too cartoon like for me but due to time limits it will have to do. I believe with the knowledge of 3D studio max I have learned that I could recreate some of the objects with different techniques to make them more realistic.

The Objects I chose to model were :

1) A whiskey crock since a major part of Lethbridge history was based on the whiskey trade of Fort Whoop-Up.

2) A Mounties hat since the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were quite important to Alberta.

3) A rattlesnake which can be found throughout southern Alberta’s Coulees, Hoodoos, and other dryland.

4) A tipi since the region was once occupied only by natives.

5) A coal cart another major industry in southern Alberta’s history

6) And finally the Wild rose Albert’s provincial flower.


Below is the scene of the objects on a grassy chessboard. Below that are the individual objects on a flat ground and below that are some of the images I got my ideas from.


Thanks for visiting -  Bryan