Graphics 3710


Chris Harris


Welcome to my Graphics Project Page. The Southern Alberta image I chose to recreate is that of the Pinto Bean statue located in Bow Island. I did not think this image would give me much problems because it was mostly spheres. This turned out to be quite the opposite. The program I used to do the image with was Maya. This is a very complex program that took a long time to get the hang of. I spent many hours in the first 3 weeks just going over tutorials to get a basic feel of how to create and manipulate objects. That being said once I started creating my own work there were many aspects of the program that I had not touched upon throughout the tutorials, which took a lot of time to find the right tool to do what I needed. I have included a few images of the steps that were taken to get to the final image. I could not create the image in its entirety because the skill requirement surpassed that of what I had.

This Is the Actual image that I was trying to reproduce. Looks fairly simple at first but there was alot of things going on to actually make up the image.
Getting to this stage I started with a standard sphere and manipulated it to get a basic shape for the object. I also created some feet in a similar way. Here it is shown with a refrence of the actual picture behind the image.
Here I have added some more detail, as in the eyes and the belt. The belt can be seen better in later pictures.
This is another angle of the last picture.
Here there is a better shot of the belt. The belt was rather difficult because I started with a taurus and had to try to manipulate it to get a flat edge which was very time consuming using maya. Well for me anyways! Also there is a start of the hat, mouth, and eyebrows.
This is my final image even though its not complete. Here I have shaded the eyebrows and mouth, also added some curves to the beak of his hat. This one is shown with the image refrence.
Another picture without the refrence
A bottom angle
Top down view
And finally a closer top down view.