Dear Every Body,

I am Mohammad Ikbal Hossan. I am taking cpsc 3710 in this semester (Spring 2005). For the project I choose POVRAY. I make a image by POVRAY, I select the corridor of the 9th floor of the U hall which is shown below:

I only take help from the POVRAY help session. First i studied the help session and make images and play with those stuffs almost 10 days. Then I start write coding for my Images. Startting part is easy but took llong time to complete as I started first.

First i worked to create the hall way and window in both side. I was trying to make the color to similar to the image. I used two light source one is outside the room which works as sunlight and one in inside the room which is shadowless. The image look like below.

In the second day i worked to create glass and grill in the window, grill and cylinder at the celling and the box at the left side. Now the picture will look like below:

Third day i made far ahead wall, door and metal; floor, garbage bin and plant pot which are look like below. At this time the image is shown below:

Finally I make the tree and the image look like below:

I used the “box” object of Pov-Ray in the maximum time to create the image like room, glass, grill, floor, box, garbage bin, metal.

I worked most of time trying to adjust color and trying to similar my image.

Have a good day everybody.


Mohammad Ikbal Hossan