Southern Alberta is a power house of wind generation. So I decided to make windturbine that is situated in many places in Southern Alberta.

I use 3D studio max to create my picture although I had no idea how to operate this software.

To create my wind turbine I took One Cone object and spare from the standard primitives, then I try to reshape and align this cone into the right place. After creating one turbine I cloned other three turbine and reshape and align those turbine again. But I found it’s a bit tough to align my cone when I input my sky background from 3D studio max. Next I took a plane to create the foothill which is the natural beauty of Southern Alberta. To create the foot hill Firstly I took a plane and then I import the color from material editor tools. Moreover I use rendering à environment to import the background and fix it. To make my plane as to be look like foot hill I used NURM subdivision for the plane to reshape it by using editable poly. I found a real hard time to create the dead grass color. To make a color of a dead grass I have to import the grass image from the 3D studio max to Adobe Photoshop and than I try to make a color that look like dead grass which was not easy for me. I tried hours to resample the color from Photoshop by various combination of image adjustment.

When I feel like it is my desired color then I reload the color for my plane. I still don’t feel like this is the best color what I desire.



The image I folloed to draw