Computer Graphics Project

Lethbridge Water Tower

Massih Khorvash

Feb. 16th 2005

I have used Pov-ray to create the water tower image. The toughest part of this specific image to create is the top part of the tower, which isn't a sphere! The most time consuming part was the little cylinders(bars) around the balcony of the tower. The "funnel" shape object over the top of the tower is drawn using 4 points(a line) revolved around the y axis. The sky that i used is one of the predefined skies in file. The hexagon shape object as an enterance of the tower is a prism from the povray tutorial. I also had a close look at the tower for this project!!! By the way, I still can not figure out why people go to a water tower to EAT :)

And the same image from a different angle:

If you want to take a look at its source code, please email me at :
massih dot khorvash at uleth dot ca