Computer Science 3710 Project
by Tom Lister

Celebrating Alberta's Centennial Anniversary is the focus of the this project.
Considering this, I decided to make a grain elevator to represent a bit of the history of the province of Alberta.


I used 3D Studio Max 7 to complete this project.

Below is a thumbnail of the completed photograph.
Click on it to see the full size image.

This was an interesting project to do as it was my first attempt at creating graphics in a three dimensional environment.
What I found in creating this photograph is that some of the parts that seem trivial by just looking at a picture are, in reality, not so trivial to create.

The whole photograph was created in 3D Studio Max with the exception of the Alberta Wheat Pool logo which I created this logo in Adobe Photoshop.
Once I came up with a final rendering of the photograph in 3D Studio Max, I moved it over to Photoshop to apply the logo to the face of the elevator.