CS3710 Project

By Sandeep Marzara


I chose to make the Lethbridge water tower. The image that I developed shows the Lethbridge water tower standing in a desert in the backdrop of a partly blue sky. For this purpose, I used Povray. I began by making the central pole of the water tower which is made up of steel and gave it a reflective look. After this I made the 4 thin poles beside it. Next, I made the water tank on top of the 5 poles; the water tank has a rusty surface. Then I made the protective railing on the lower half of the water tank. The white strip on top of the water tank is a cylinder which is open and bears a steel texture which is reflective. The water tank is made up of torus and the supporting poles are made of cylinders. Furthermore, I put the pole on top of the water tower and gave them a grayish bumpy pattern. To give it a finishing look, I made the fence around the water tower and gave it a brick pattern to make it more realistic. The fence is made up of boxes(cubic) Lastly, I added a spotlight to the scene.

I wanted to make it as close as possible to the water tower and I tried my best to do so. The most difficult part was to align the water tank with the railing on the lower half of the tank. To get rid of this problem, I made the tank disappear and first made the protective railing and then dropped the water tank on top of it; also, finding a combination of sky and ground that was most suitable for the water tower was not an easy part. I tried all combinations and got my computer hanged twice during rendering. The reflective surface of the thick pole in the middle was difficult to attain as I had to go through a lot of documentation and practicing Povray. At first I had difficulty in moving objects near and far, but with thorough practice, the task became easy.


here are some of the screen shots of my project: