Evan Peat
CPSC 3710

For my project I created a model of the University of Lethbridge LINC building. I constructed the model using Bryce 3D, by DAZ Productions. I have had some pervious experience with the program, but only by playing around with it and no formal traning. You can check out some of my other creations at, www.epeat.f2o.org/art.htm. In all, the project took around 30 hours to make. It is is made up of 278 individual objects (34 221 polygones). A great deal of the time was spent on trying to make the model to the scale of the real building. Since I didn't have the exact measurements for the building, I had to print of a map and base all the measurements off of it. First I created a bare model of the building, without adding any of the details such as the windows. After that I increased the size of the model until it looked the right size against a human sized figure.

For the glass textures I started out with Bryce's default glass material and added a slight grey diffuse color. This gave it the smoked effect without affecting the shadows. All the windows are fairly transparent, but when they are viewed at an angle they become highly reflective. Like the real building, I made the window pains slightly different sizes so certain parts stick out and overlap over others.

To created the "Fiat Lux" lettering I first had to create a JPEG of it using white lettering on a black background. Using Bryce, I then made a symmetrical lattice object and used the JPEG as a digital elevation map to turn the lattice into text.

Finally, to create a sense of realism I tried to light the scene to mimic the late afternoon sun and added a slight haze to create a feeling of depth.

Here is an arial view of the entire model of the building.

I got the textures for the walls and the ground from www.allegorithmic.com otherwise all the textures I used came with Bryce 3D.