Povray Project - Grain Elevator

Grain elevator are of historic significance to Alberta, so i decided to render grain elevator.

this was a huge image to draw. with lots of objects in it,
    - grain elevator
    - silver cylinders
    - Rail
Major work was centered around grain elevator for which i have used 3 prism placed one over another in a fashion to give appearance of grain elevator
for silver cylinders i have used cylinder and cone objects.
rail were little complex to draw it consists of 2 cones and 2 boxes aligned in a fashion to give appearance of one shape.
further i have used text object to put text on building and rail.
i have used Sky and ground from the work that i previously did for this course.
overall image gives a nice appearance of a grain elevator in southern Alberta. i think i devoted most of the time on drawing and placing objects in a fashion so as to duplicate the original image. so, i think as a result in the end i didn't have enough time for the proper texturing. I spent lot of time figuring out coordinate system and various techniques of povray. most time taking and boring task was to place objects in the scene correctly.

-Rohan Singh



Povray Image (Click on images to get to bigger view.)



Original Image