CPSC 3710 Project (Dapeng.Song)

My landmark is Alberta Legislature Building. Although someone had done this before, it is worth to do this again. The left hand side is the original picture, and right hand side is the picture I made by POV-RAY 3.6.

Actually, it is not difficult, but it need much time to do this. The picture is made by a lot of boxes and cylinders. They are composed by certain POV-RAY syntax, like union, intersection, and difference in CSG. Ok, let me briefly descript how I made this picture.

  1. use box to be the main part, and give the box some texture.

  2. windows: create two boxes, one box go through the other one. Given the texture to the inner box, then inner boxes can reflect things. Using while loop to duplicate the “windows” and then give their position using translate statement (while loop be used many times in program). After that, we get all the windows.

  3. cylinder: create one cylinder, and use while loop to distribute their position. (the main building is made by almost same method that create one object and translate it using while loop.)

  4. top roof: this part is tough to do in my program. I use prism and sphere to made the main part. Difference the box and sphere to get window, and then rotate and give the window texture.

  5. tree: although they are not the main part of the picture, it is the most difficult part to do, and I can not made it, so just borrowed some code form the net. (Reference: http://www.oyonale.com/ressources/english/sources01.htm) ( It made my project bigger and slow to render.)

  6. front lake: just create a box and give it texture, but it is a little bit hard to do the texture.
  7. triangle : difference two prisms and translate, rotate and scale them. In fact, it is hard to find their correct position when I was doing it.

That is briefly to tell how I made this picture, POV-RAY has many common stuff with openGL, if studying it deeply, there will be a lot of fine in the POV-RAY.